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Terms & Conditions


This Terms and Conditions agreement provides an overview of our practices, outlining the following parent key areas:

These terms govern your use of our website, https://encreasl.com, where we provide Full E-Commerce Web Development and Full E-Commerce SEO services under the business name EncreasL, a Digital Marketing Agency. Our services include support for consultations and other related services.

Please take a moment to review the full terms, as they constitute the legally binding agreement.

Upon availing EncreasL service(s), the communication process extends beyond that point. EncreasL requires additional follow-up through questionnaires to ensure that we fully meet your needs and successfully complete the requested tasks. It is crucial to provide an accurate email address during the sign-up process to facilitate smooth transactions and ongoing operational communication related to the service(s) being provided by EncreasL. In the case of EncreasL, we offer no liability for our services, and the use of our website and services is at your own risk.

Finally, when utilizing EncreasL's websites and services, please be aware that we may collect certain information as outlined in our Privacy Policy.

Terms of Service


This Terms of Service section provides an overview of our practices, outlining the following key areas:

1. Terms Acceptance

These terms govern your use of our website. By using it, you agree to follow these rules. We offer various digital marketing services. Subscribing to our newsletter means receiving updates from us. Understand and agree to these terms or stop using our website and services.

These Terms of Service govern your access to and use of the EncreasL website. By accessing or using our website, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by these Terms of Service. This Agreement, along with the specific policies for different services we offer, forms the legal framework that governs the use of EncreasL's website, services, and newsletter.

Throughout these Terms of Service, "EncreasL," "we," "our," or "us" refers to EncreasL, a digital marketing agency specializing in eCommerce Marketing Solutions.

The term "Services" refers to the eCommerce Marketing Solutions and other services offered on our website, including but not limited to Web Development, eCommerce Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Cybersecurity.

By subscribing to our newsletter, you agree to receive periodic emails containing updates, promotions, and relevant information from EncreasL. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by following the instructions provided in the email.

Please note that the specific policy agreements applicable to you are based on your use of the Services. For example, if you engage in our social media marketing service, the Social Media Marketing Agreement shall apply to you. If you do not engage in specific services, the corresponding agreements do not apply to you.

If you do not understand or agree to these Terms of Service, it is important that you immediately exit our website and cease any use of our services and newsletter subscription.

2. Accounts and Eligibility Terms

Account Responsibility: You are accountable for your account's actions and any actions taken by others using your account.

You are fully responsible for all actions conducted in the Services using your login credentials. Safeguarding your password is your sole responsibility. If you suspect unauthorized access to your account, promptly notify us for assistance in resolving the issue.

2.1 It is our policy that allows for one account per subscribed service package. This means that for each service package you purchase, you are entitled to create and use one account specifically associated with that package. Our "Multiple Service Packages" approach ensures that you can customize your marketing solutions by selecting and combining the specific service packages that meet your needs. Each service package will be treated as a separate purchase, and the corresponding account will be utilized to deliver the services included in that package.
2.2 It is our policy to have one or more account(s) for one person, and one person for one account.
2.3 You can hold one or more account(s), but you cannot allow others to access your account.
2.4 If you are a corporation (or using the account on behalf of a corporation), then you can hold one or more corporate account(s) and allow access to the corporate account for one authorized employee on your behalf. However, you cannot allow access to your account(s) to any unauthorized individuals.
2.5 You hereby represent and acknowledge that, unless you have otherwise explicitly notified us, anyone accessing your corporate account is authorized to act on your behalf, having all the required authorizations and consents. You further acknowledge that you remain responsible and liable for any act or omission in connection with such use as if they were yours. This includes any loss or damage that may arise from such use, act, or omission. However, you must not allow access to your account(s) by any unauthorized individuals, as stated in our policy.

3. Account Ownership

The account owner is determined by the individual or entity with access to the associated email address. We may exercise discretion for special cases.

The account owner is determined by the individual or entity with access to the email address associated with the account in our records. However, we reserve the right to exercise our discretion and make ownership determinations in situations where we believe there is a special justification for such a determination.

4. Eligibility and Identification

To use our services, you must be at least 18 years old. It is your responsibility to ensure that minors do not access our services.

Our Services are intended for usage by individuals who are at least eighteen (18) years old. By registering for our services, you hereby confirm that you are eighteen (18) years of age or older. Furthermore, you agree to actively monitor your account to ensure that no individuals below the age of eighteen (18) have access to the Services.

5. Your Warranties

You affirm that you are not engaged in any terrorist activities, and you are not attempting to reopen a previously closed account.

You confirm and warrant to us that:
5.1 You affirm that you currently possess and will continue to possess all the necessary rights, licenses, and consents required for your use of the Services.
5.2 You agree to abide by all relevant laws, rules, and regulations.
5.3 But can this be considered complete? You confirm that you are not located in any countries or entities subject to governmental embargoes, and you are not a national or resident of such countries or entities. Furthermore, you acknowledge that your business operations comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations in the Philippines.
5.4 Before entering into an agreement with us, your previous access to our services must not have been restricted, suspended, terminated, or prohibited by us for any reason.

6. EncreasL Website and Services

EncreasL offers digital marketing for e-commerce. By using our site, you agree to these terms. We're a startup working on formal registration. We're committed to excellent service. Thank you for your support.

By accessing or using our website and services, you agree to comply with the following terms and conditions. Please note that EncreasL is currently in its startup phase and is not yet formally registered as a business entity. However, we are fully dedicated to delivering high-quality services and ensuring a positive user experience. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we work towards establishing our formal business structure.

7. Use of Portfolio and Case Study Materials

We prioritize ethical standards and client rights. We obtain explicit permission for portfolio display, ensuring transparency, confidentiality, and consent in showcasing our work.

7.1 Prior Permission for Portfolio Display: We uphold ethical standards and respect the rights of our clients. Before displaying any portfolio showcasing our work, we ensure to seek explicit permission from the person or client who owns the project.
7.2 Permission for Displaying Real Work: We seek permission to display actual examples of the work we have completed. This ensures that our portfolio accurately represents the quality and effectiveness of our services.
7.3 Permission for Linking to Demonstrable Projects: We request permission to include links to the live projects or websites we have worked on. This allows potential clients to navigate to the actual project, verifying its existence and our involvement.
7.4 Case Studies with Consent: We ensure that brands, businesses, or individuals featured in the case studies are aware of their inclusion and have granted explicit permission for their involvement.
7.5 Protecting Confidentiality and Privacy: If a client requests that certain aspects of their project or information remain confidential, we respect their wishes and will not include those details in our portfolio or case studies without explicit consent.
7.6 Anonymity and Pseudonyms: In cases where clients prefer anonymity or the use of pseudonyms, we respect their privacy. We can present their projects without disclosing their identities, ensuring their confidentiality is maintained.
7.7 Secure Data Handling: Any sensitive or confidential information shared with us during the portfolio or case study process is handled with utmost care. We implement industry-standard security measures to protect our clients' information from unauthorized access, loss, or misuse.
7.8 Removal of Portfolio or Case Study Materials: If a client wishes to have their work removed from our portfolio or case studies at any point, we honor their request promptly. We understand that circumstances may change, and we respect our clients' right to control the display of their projects.

8. Acceptable Use Policy

Don't share account ownership, copy our website, replicate functionality, or use our intellectual property without permission. Violations have consequences.

Ensure you understand the account sharing and replication prohibitions, intellectual property protection, uniqueness preservation, and compliance with laws. Violations may lead to consequences.
8.1 Account Sharing and Ownership Transfer Prohibition: Don’t allow others to use your account by means of activities that may be considered as sharing or conveying ownership in your account.
8.2 Prohibition on Website Replication: Users are strictly prohibited from copying, replicating, or scraping our website or any of its content. This includes reproducing the design, layout, text, images, and any other elements that constitute the distinctive appearance and functionality of our website.
8.3 Restriction on Replicating Functionality: Users shall not attempt to replicate or imitate the functionality of our website. This includes refraining from reverse engineering our API calls to servers, attempting to reproduce our services through an iframe, or utilizing a subdomain to redirect to our website.
8.4 Protection of Intellectual Property: All elements of our website, including trademarks, logos, images, text, and proprietary technology, are protected by intellectual property laws. Unauthorized use, reproduction, or distribution of any intellectual property associated with our website is strictly prohibited.
Note: While our business is in its startup phase and not yet formally registered, we assert our rights to protect the intellectual property associated with our website and digital marketing solutions.
8.5 Preserving Uniqueness and Competitive Advantage: By respecting these restrictions, users acknowledge the importance of maintaining the unique features, innovation, and competitive advantage of our digital marketing agency. Unauthorized replication or imitation undermines our ability to provide distinctive services and may result in legal action.
8.6 Compliance with Applicable Laws: Users must comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and intellectual property rights when accessing or using our website. Any violation of these restrictions may result in termination of access and potential legal consequences.

9. Abusive Customers

We expect all individuals to demonstrate respectful behavior when engaging with our staff members.

Abusive or aggressive behavior towards our staff will not be tolerated. This includes threats, personal abuse, derogatory remarks, and rudeness. Such behavior may result in action taken at our discretion.
9.1 Any abusive or aggressive behavior towards our staff may result in termination of direct contact with such customers.
9.2 We reserve the right to take necessary measures, such as termination of access to our services or any other actions deemed appropriate, based on the circumstances.
9.3 Any data, strategies, or sensitive material shared with us will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and will not be disclosed to third parties without proper authorization.
9.4 Clients are expected to adhere to agreed-upon payment terms. Timely payment ensures the smooth delivery of our services and helps us maintain the quality of our operations. Failure to make payments as agreed may result in a pause or termination of services.
9.5 Open and transparent communication is essential for a successful partnership. Clients are encouraged to provide timely feedback, clarify their requirements, and communicate any changes or concerns promptly. This helps us deliver tailored and effective digital marketing solutions.

10. Disclaimer

Clients are accountable for their decisions and outcomes when using our digital marketing services. Make informed choices based on your needs and goals.

Client Responsibility and Informed Decision-making: Clients are responsible for their own decisions and the outcomes of utilizing our website and services. We encourage clients to make informed choices based on their specific needs and objectives.

11. Amending These Terms

We might make changes to these terms occasionally, but we will inform you about them.

We reserve the right to update this document periodically without any retroactive effect. In the event of significant changes to the terms, we will notify you via email. By continuing to use our website and services after such updates, you agree to be bound by the revised terms. If you believe that an amendment to the terms of service substantially impairs your right to use purchased products or services, and it materially affects your business or rights, please inform us. We will consider issuing a partial refund for the period during which you are unable to utilize the service, or we can discuss a specific term that can be applied to accommodate your needs.

12. Advertising

We may show ads but are not responsible for their content or affiliation.

We may display advertisements on our website. However, please note that we do not endorse or actively monitor the content of these ads. We are not responsible for any information, claims, or actions related to the ads, even if they may appear affiliated with our business.

13. Termination

We can end or suspend your access to our Services without notice. We're not liable for resulting damages.

We reserve the right to terminate these Terms and/or suspend your right to access or use any portion or all of our Services at any time and without prior notice. In the event of termination, you are required to immediately cease using the Services. However, any sections within these Terms that include representations, warranties, or obligations, including any covenants or payment obligations on your part, will continue to apply. It is important to note that we shall not be held liable for any damages incurred by you or any third party as a result of the termination of these Terms or the suspension or limitation of your use of the Services.

14. General

All lawsuits arising out of or relating to this statement or our website will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of the Philippines, except that Article 1307 of the Civil Code of the Philippines, which prohibits class action waivers, will not apply. If any provision of this statement is held to be invalid or unenforceable, such provision will be struck from this statement and the remaining provisions will remain in full force and effect. We may transfer our rights and obligations under this statement to any third party at any time without notice to you. You may not assign your rights or obligations under this statement to any third party.

14.1 Governing Law, Jurisdiction
These Terms shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of the Philippines. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with these Terms, including their validity, interpretation, performance, or termination, shall be exclusively resolved by the courts located in Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay, Mindanao, Philippines. The parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of these courts.
The application of international laws, including the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, is explicitly excluded and shall not apply to these Terms.
In the event of a breach or threatened breach of any provision of these Terms by you, we may suffer significant and irreparable harm that cannot be adequately compensated in monetary terms. In such cases, we shall be entitled, in addition to any other remedies available under the law or in equity, to seek immediate equitable relief, including injunctive relief, in any jurisdiction worldwide. This relief may be granted without the need for a bond or other financial security.
You acknowledge and agree that we are not required to post a bond or provide any form of security as a condition to obtaining or exercising any such remedies. You hereby waive any requirement for us to do so.

14.2 Enforceability
In the event that any provision of these Terms is deemed unenforceable, that provision shall be modified to the extent necessary to make it enforceable. If it is still determined to be invalid or unenforceable, it shall be considered separate from the rest of these Terms, and the invalidity or unenforceability of that provision shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions.

14.3 Assignment
We reserve the right to assign these Terms, either in their entirety or in part, at our sole discretion. You are not allowed to assign or transfer these Terms, including any of your rights or obligations, to any third party without our prior written consent. Any assignment or transfer without authorization will be deemed void and will not have any legal effect.

14.4 Entirety
These Terms constitute the complete agreement between you and us regarding the subject matter discussed herein. Our failure to enforce any rights granted under these Terms or to take action in the event of a breach shall not be considered a waiver, and we retain the right to enforce such rights or take action for future breaches. Waivers must be in writing. Any waiver or failure to enforce a provision of these Terms on one occasion will not be deemed a waiver of any other provision or of such provision on any other occasion. If you fail to take any action against us for a period of one (1) year following a breach of these Terms, it will be automatically deemed as a waiver.

14.5 No Class-Action
By using our services, you agree not to participate in any class-action lawsuit against the company. Instead, you agree to address any losses or claims on an individual basis. If you have any questions or need clarification, please feel free to contact us at info@encreasl.com.

14.6 Who Are We?
We are EncreasL, a startup digital marketing agency focused on helping e-commerce grow their online presence.

Store Policies


This Store Policies section provides an overview of our practices, outlining the following key areas:

1. Payment-First and Money Back Guarantee Policy

To ensure fairness for both parties and deliver the value agreed upon during our communication processes, we operate on a Payment-First structure. Kindly note that we request payment in advance before commencing services or delivering goods. Your cooperation is appreciated, and should you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We deliver follow-ups, updates, and support to our valued paying clients. Please be attentive to our important messages and ensure they are not overlooked.

Our payment policies ensure that you receive exceptional value for every investment. With a commitment to transparency and excellence, we guarantee tangible results and unmatched expertise. You can trust us to provide the highest level of service, giving you confidence that your payment translates into impactful and measurable outcomes.

1.1 Advance Payment Required: Pay first before service initiation. Ensures efficient workflow and high-quality delivery.
1.2 Money Back Guarantee Policy: We currently do not offer a money back guarantee. However, we are committed to proactive measures to ensure your satisfaction with our services. As we grow, we look forward to implementing a money back guarantee in the future for further assurance.

2. Chargeback Policy

Upon payment for our packaged plans, clients are required to sign proposals clarifying the agreed-upon terms. In case of a chargeback, we address the issue promptly and fairly, encouraging resolution before resorting to chargebacks. Clients are responsible for chargeback fees, and we provide necessary information for dispute resolution.

Upon payment for our packaged plans, we require clients to sign proposals clarifying the agreed-upon terms. This ensures mutual protection and commitment between both parties. By implementing this process, we can confidently initiate work on fulfilling your requested services.

2.1 We Value Clear Communication
It ensures both parties understand expectations, project details, and payment terms. This minimizes misunderstandings and reduces chargeback risks. We are committed to prompt communication and transparency throughout our business relationship.
2.2 Detailed Agreements
After purchasing a package, we send you a proposal outlining the specific terms and conditions of the project. We ensure that both parties sign the proposal before initiating any work. This process guarantees clarity and alignment on the project scope, deliverables, timelines, and payment terms. It protects both you and us by providing a clear reference point for our working relationship.
2.3 Regular Progress Updates
We keep you informed about any significant changes and results throughout the project. This ensures you are up-to-date on the progress we are making and allows you to provide feedback or make any necessary adjustments along the way.
2.4 Documentation
We maintain comprehensive documentation of all agreed-upon terms, including signed proposals, contracts, or any other relevant communication. This documentation serves as evidence in the event of a chargeback dispute, ensuring a clear record of the agreed-upon project scope, deliverables, and payment terms. It protects both parties and facilitates the resolution process by providing a solid foundation of documentation to reference and verify the original agreement.
2.5 Dispute Resolution Process and Legal Recourse (if necessary)
2.5a In the event that a client initiates a chargeback on a payment made to our agency, we take the matter seriously and will work to address the issue promptly and fairly.
2.5b We encourage clients to reach out to our agency first to resolve any concerns or disputes before initiating a chargeback.
2.5c If a chargeback is initiated without prior communication, our agency reserves the right to suspend or terminate services until the matter is resolved.
2.5d Clients are responsible for any chargeback fees imposed by credit card companies or payment processors. If such fees are incurred by our agency, they will be passed on to the client.
2.5e Chargebacks can have negative consequences for our agency, including increased costs and potential damage to our reputation. Therefore, we kindly request that clients consider alternative dispute resolution methods before resorting to a chargeback.
2.5f Our agency will provide all necessary information and documentation requested by the client's credit card company or payment processor to help resolve the chargeback dispute.
2.5g If a chargeback is deemed valid and the payment is reversed, the client's account will be considered in default, and any remaining services or deliverables may be withheld or terminated.
2.5h Our agency reserves the right to pursue legal action or engage collection agencies to recover any outstanding balances resulting from chargebacks.

3. Flexible Service Plans

Flexible Service Plans: Select Fixed Packages or Custom Plans. Buy fixed packages on our Solutions page. Initiate custom plans via the "Get a Proposal" button. Maintenance plans available for specific services.

Flexible Service Plans: Choose from Fixed Packages or Custom Plans Fixed packages can be purchased through our Solutions page, while custom plans can be initiated by clicking the "Get a Proposal" button in the header section of our website on any page. We also offer maintenance plans for specific services that require ongoing support and maintenance.

4. Tax Responsibility

Clients and freelancers are responsible for their own taxes. We do not handle or remit taxes.

We are not responsible for handling or remitting taxes on behalf of our freelancers or clients. Each freelancer and client is solely responsible for their own tax compliance, including reporting and paying any applicable taxes. We recommend that freelancers and clients consult with their tax advisors or relevant authorities to understand and fulfill their tax responsibilities. By clarifying this policy, we aim to promote transparency and accountability in tax matters for all parties involved.

5. Non-Reversibility of Package Plan Service Orders

Orders for our package plan services are non-reversible. Contact us at info@encreasl.com for assistance or concerns.

Once you have placed an order for our package plan services, it is important to understand that the process cannot be reversed. We prioritize open and honest communication, and we encourage thorough discussions to address any concerns or attempts to reverse the order. For prompt assistance, please reach out to us at info@encreasl.com. Please remember that accepting our terms and conditions and having a comprehensive understanding of the services are prerequisites before making the final payment.

Support and Updates


This Support And Updates section provides an overview of our practices, outlining the following key areas:

1. Free Consultation Disclaimer

DISCLAIMER: Our free consultation is based on real-life data experiences that have consistently yielded high success rates. We strongly recommend conducting thorough research and seeking additional professional advice before making any significant business decisions.

Our free consultation is offered based on our extensive experience, deep e-commerce industry knowledge, and data-driven insights, which have consistently produced effective results for our clients. We take pride in providing valuable guidance tailored to your specific needs. However, it's crucial to recognize that each business faces its own challenges and opportunities, and outcomes may differ. We highly recommend conducting comprehensive research and analysis to supplement the insights gained from our consultation. This holistic approach ensures a well-informed decision-making process and helps you navigate the complexities of your unique business landscape. Seeking additional professional advice from experts in relevant fields can provide valuable perspectives and further enhance your decision-making capabilities.

2. Account Credentials

Sign up for an account to access our services. We collect your contact info securely for smooth communication, even during downtime. Check our data privacy policy for more information.

To access our services, please register and create an account on our website. We collect your real name, email, and contact info for smooth communication and assistance, especially during website downtime. Rest assured, your information is handled securely and confidentially. For more details on how we protect your data, please refer to our data privacy policy page.

3. Updates

We can change prices, but agreed-upon price stays for you. We'll keep you updated.

We reserve the right to modify prices or packages for our services in accordance with current market trends. However, the price you have agreed upon at the time of purchase will remain fixed for the specific service. We will inform you about any significant developments or progress related to the services we are working on.

4. Support

Free unlimited support for your services, with free ecommerce consultation. Additional services may have charges.

We offer unlimited support for the services you avail, free of charge. We provide free consultation for ecommerce-related packages you purchase. However, any additional services not included in the agreement will incur an additional fee upon request.

Trademark Guidelines


EncreasL ("the Company") is a digital marketing agency dedicated to providing innovative marketing solutions. This Trademark Policy outlines the proper use of our trademarks, service marks, logos, and brand assets. By accessing or using our services, you agree to comply with this policy.

1.1 Trademark Ownership Statement:
The trademarks, service marks, logos, and trade names used by EncreasL are the exclusive property of the Company. These marks are protected under applicable intellectual property laws. Unauthorized use of our trademarks is strictly prohibited.

2.1 Authorized Use:
EncreasL grants limited permission to use its trademarks solely for the purpose of referring to our services or products in a lawful and accurate manner. Such use must comply with the guidelines outlined in this policy.
2.2 Guidelines for Trademark Usage:
a. Do not modify, alter, or distort our trademarks, including colors, proportions, or design elements.
b. Use the appropriate trademark symbols (™ or ®) with our trademarks when first mentioned in a document or web page.
c. Maintain clear space around our trademarks to ensure visual clarity and distinctiveness.
d. Do not use our trademarks in a manner that suggests endorsement, sponsorship, or affiliation without explicit written permission from EncreasL.
e. Do not use our trademarks as part of your company or product name.
f. Do not incorporate our trademarks into domain names, social media handles, or email addresses.
g. Do not use our trademarks in a way that may be misleading, defamatory, or disparaging.

If you become aware of any unauthorized use or infringement of EncreasL's trademarks, please promptly report it to us. We appreciate your assistance in protecting our intellectual property rights.

This Trademark Policy does not grant any rights, licenses, or permissions to use EncreasL's trademarks beyond what is expressly stated herein. All rights not expressly granted are reserved by the Company.

5. CHANGES TO THE TRADEMARK POLICY EncreasL reserves the right to modify or update this Trademark Policy at any time. Any changes will be effective immediately upon posting the revised policy on our website.

Please consult a legal professional for specific legal advice related to trademarks and intellectual property rights.

By using our services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to comply with this Trademark Policy.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact us at info@encreasl.com.



This Delivery Policy outlines the terms and conditions regarding the delivery of our digital marketing services. By engaging with our agency and utilizing our services, you agree to comply with this policy.

Service Delivery Process:
a. Consultation:
Upon engaging our services, we will schedule a consultation to discuss your specific requirements, goals, and timelines.
b. Strategy Development:
Based on the consultation, our team will develop a customized digital marketing strategy tailored to your business needs.
c. Implementation:
We will initiate the execution of the digital marketing strategy, which may include activities such as Web Development, Search Engine Optimization(SEO), E-Commerce Marketing, Social Media Management, Cybersecurity or other agreed-upon services.
d. Progress Updates:
Throughout the engagement, we will provide regular progress updates and reports to keep you informed about the status and results of our efforts.
e. Ongoing Support: Our team will be available to address any questions or concerns you may have during the delivery of our services. Just contact us at info@encreasl.com.

Timelines and Deadlines:
a. Project Timelines:
We will provide estimated timelines for each phase of the project during the consultation stage. These timelines are subject to change based on factors such as project complexity, client responsiveness, and external dependencies.
b. Deliverable Deadlines:
Any specific deliverables, such as reports, content calendars, or campaign launches, will have agreed-upon deadlines communicated to you. We will make every effort to meet these deadlines, but occasional delays may occur due to unforeseen circumstances. In such cases, we will promptly communicate any necessary adjustments to the delivery timeline.

Client Responsibilities:
a. Timely Response:
To ensure efficient service delivery, we rely on timely feedback and approvals from your end. Promptly provide necessary information, materials, and access required for the execution of the project.
b. Collaboration:
Collaborate with our team during the strategy development and implementation stages. Your active participation and input are essential to achieve the desired results.
c. Payment Obligations:
Fulfill your financial obligations as outlined in our Store Policies to maintain the continuity of the service delivery process.

a. Communication Channels:
We primarily communicate through email. Ensure that you provide accurate contact information and promptly respond to our communications.
b. Updates and Notifications:
We will keep you informed about project milestones, progress, and any significant updates related to the delivery of our services.

Limitations and Force Majeure:
a. Unforeseen Circumstances:
While we strive to deliver services within agreed timelines, there may be instances beyond our control that could cause delays, such as technical issues, third-party dependencies, or acts of nature. We will make every effort to minimize any disruptions and promptly address such situations.
b. Liability:
We shall not be held liable for any losses, damages, or expenses arising from delays or failures in service delivery caused by unforeseen circumstances or factors beyond our control.

Refund and Cancellation Policy:
a. Refunds:
Refunds are assessed on a case-by-case basis. If you are dissatisfied with our services, please contact us at info@encreasl.com to discuss your concerns.
b. Cancellations:
If you wish to cancel our services, please contact us at info@encreasl.com.

Confidentiality and Data Security:
a. Confidentiality:
We will handle all confidential information shared by you in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We commit to maintaining the confidentiality and security of your data.
b. Data Security:
While we take reasonable measures to protect data as outlined in Privacy Policy, it is important to acknowledge that no data transmission over the internet is completely secure. You are responsible for ensuring the security of any login credentials or sensitive information provided to us.

Changes to the Delivery Policy:
We reserve the right to modify or update this Delivery Policy as needed. Any changes will be communicated to you through appropriate channels. It is your responsibility to review and familiarize yourself with the latest version of the policy.

Please read and understand this Delivery Policy carefully. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at info@encreasl.com. By engaging our services, you acknowledge your acceptance of this policy and agree to abide by its terms and conditions.

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